Take a sneak peek inside Regnery Publishing's Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America—the Christian cultural manifesto and New York Times bestseller from actor, martial arts master, and concerned citizen, Chuck Norris.

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America's Toughest Problems Are No Match for Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is best known for taking on bad guys in Delta Force and Walker, Texas Ranger or for his martial arts prowess. Now, he's fighting the Culture War. His new book Black Belt Patriotism is Chuck's Christian cultural manifesto that carries with it a strong message of personal responsibility and re-establishing morality in society.

Black Belt Patriotism is a common sense book that addresses eight major problems facing Christians in America and Chuck's proposed solutions for them. Chuck calls on America's Founding Fathers—and their biblical worldview—to uniquely offer some "old" solutions to our new problems.

In turning back the clock, Chuck not only elevates and re-educates readers about our Founders' vision and legacy, but America's Christian heritage too, which is being intentionally wiped off America's landscape by secular activists and political correctness. Black Belt Patriotism offers practical solutions to some of America's fundamental problems. These solutions include:

  • Reconnecting with America's Christian heritage
  • Re-establishing Judeo-Christian ethics and morality in society
  • Valuing human life—both inside and outside the womb
  • Respecting traditional and family values
  • Preparing a practical plan for your personal wellness
  • Eliminating personal and national debt
  • Enforcing border control and reducing drug trafficking, immigrants, and terrorist threats.
  • Reawakening your personal American dream

America's tough guy, martial arts expert, and cultural warrior Chuck Norris offers a message of faith, hope, and common sense for our country in Black Belt Patriotism.

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